How I Work

I work together with my light team my soul group and star family to be able to do this work. There are two beings specifically that help and one that works with me as I paint. To tune in initially I connect with the universal light energy and my light team, I then tune into your energy field and ask for the highest guidance in light to come forward for you now.

This being, your guide, may be from a different dimensional existence, Lemurian for example that has energy available for you to use here.

The guides are most often another dimensional aspect of your soul self, existing in another dimension a different frequency or time space.

Your guide may be off planet, angelic, inter-dimensional or one of the many ET beings here to help you connect with your soul essence energy your star family and your purpose here in the transformation.

Wherever the beings are from, their intention is to help you connect with them, and to raise your energy vibration to be in alignment with your pure soul self. a messages they bring are individual and specific for you and your life path. They bring messages of encouragement and support, often times they will come around you and work on your energy feild to help you align to the connection.   

The paintings

A visual connection to your soul

I use the same process to tune in and paint your guide. My guides link with yours and your guide appears to me as I paint, they usually appear to me as I channel the message although sometimes they can be very subtle and not fully appear untill I paint them. I sometimes receive further messages which I pass along to you as I go. As I am working you may begin to feel a connection or experience thier energy because at this point the connection has already been established with the messages.

The paintings can act as a portal and hold the energy of your guide.

The energy flows into the painting and can help to activate a deeper connection for you. You may “gaze” into the painting and directly connect with your guide in this way. The painting may take up to three to four weeks depending on how many orders I have and the size you order. 

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