A Channelled message from Anar about blue print energy spheres for Starseeds, Lightworkers and awakened individuals

We speak of the energy spheres as the blueprint patterns for ones who are ready to connect with this aspect and energy of their energy field as it is indeed an extension of their energy.  

Many ones are now ready for this integration of their higher aspect containing the many codes of patterns of energy to be infused within the energy body revealing a greater awareness allowing for an opening for the perception to recognise various aspects of the purpose they brought in to this earth pattern. for some it will be an awakening and realisation of the true self, the origins, the connections important for this time here you are experiencing. 

For some this may be a gentle process that unfolds for others it may be more immediate or intense the levels will be appropriate for the individual being carefully monitored by the beings of light assisting you. 

We would explain that the energy body needs to be ready for this assimilation, however you may experience this technique in preparation also for this. If you are new to the concept of these meditations we would perhaps advise you to align fully with the crystalline energy and immerse yourself in the energy and light for a time perhaps before attempting this as it will be easier to assimilate. 

We speak in energy terms as we view you as energy and light more so than your particular personality and identity that you use here on this plane of existence. There are energy spheres that are able to be activated, we would say for the individual to experience this connection. The blueprint sphere has always been with you waiting to be activated.

We bless you in service to the creator

Anar speaking

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