Star Connections & Guide  Paintings

The Guide paintings and Star connections help you to connect to the beings of light working with you - here to help you in this life. By having a visual image you are able to connect to their energy easily and this may also trigger memories in you from your connection to them in your higher awareness.

I work together with my Guides for this process. I am able to tune into your energy field and see and receive information from your Guide or the Star being that is wanting to connect with you. Sometimes this may mean a new guide will be coming through for you.

The Guides share information and techniques to help you connect with them. The information is relating to your energy, your connection with them, and any lightwork or creative work you are here to do. They always give you the information necessary for this time at your stage of evolution and spiritual growth. 

In particular the Star connections give an energy session where the connection to them and the specific star system energy link is established. The process is channelled and sent to your email via mp3 . 

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