Channelled paintings of your higher dimensional guides. I work intuitively with my guides to paint a beautiful portrait and connect you to a part of your soul. 


Energy connection to the aspect of your soul or dimensional guide that is working with you. This connection often brings healing and messages to help you connect with your star family and guides.


Karen is a visionary artist inspired by her inner journeys into light & higher consciousness.  Formally trained in  sculpture Karen has a degree in visual arts and has been a practising artist most of her life.

After a deep awakening process in 1995 she began connecting to her guides, a group of inter-dimensional beings who began to guide her art work.

“They have always influenced my work even my sculptural work back then which always appeared peaceful and otherworldly. I know them now as my soul collective they have shown me many visions other dimensions other spaces. They assist me in connection to these other dimensions and help me connect others to their own guides and star family. It’s all about raising the evolution of consciousness raising our vibration and energy reconnecting with those hidden aspects of ourself as we move into higher dimensions of light.”


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A collection of commissioned paintings for clients & examples of my work.

The guide paintings contain the energy of the beings represented they capture the essenge of energy and can help bring the connection closer.

Connecting with the beings of light around you helps raise your vibration and expand your concsiousness.


Paintings of visions I have experienced in meditation journeys. Available in a variety of sizes and formats. These paintings are also created in the same way as the guide paintings tuning into the vision and the energy of the beings or experience of the vision.



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BLOG~ Transmission

Messages from the beings of light to help with ascension with meditations art news and product updates

Annar Meditation~ Transmission Lions Gate 2021

Annar Meditation~ Transmission Lions Gate 2021

I received a beautiful transmission from my lovely light team to share with you, with love & blessings in this wonderful alignment of star energies. Greetings to you  As we bring you further into the energy and light pattern that is most suited to you at this...

Solar Gateway Energy Transmission

Solar Gateway Energy Transmission

A transmission received in meditation when I wasn't quite expecting it! Im including this as my first podcast on this blog so welcome if you are new here! I met a beautiful Sirian being as shown who joined with my guide to bring a stream of energy through the solar...

Solar Gateway energy message

Solar Gateway energy message

I received this message through a beautiful connection to a Sirian being while in connection with my light team. I was lifted within a pillar of light surrounded by tall light beings. As I rose higher and higher I stopped reaching an expanse of white light all around....

Transitioning through dimensional changes

Transitioning through dimensional changes

Navigating our way through earths changes is not always easy but we have plenty of help from the higher dimensions and the beings of light with us. Reaching out to your guides to help you adjust to energy is always a good start. Here is a message I received from...

Re Connecting to your dimensional aspects

Re Connecting to your dimensional aspects

As the earth has increased in vibration, this has allowed for an increase in the energy that is available to certain individuals here who are ready to connect with patterns of energy  they are programmed to  connect with.  This has been foreseen for...


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