Channelled message from Anar Dec 2020

There has indeed been an increase in the energy vibrations brought through to earth an increase in the intensity of the connections of the various starseeds here upon the planet in connection to their light team and energies they are working with.

More is able to be brought through for others to be working with it is part of the great shift the expansion of consciousness and much will be affected by this throughout your 3rd dimensional sphere, this will be apparent to through systems, systems of collapse systems of change, systems of growth. 

As you evolve and unite in your energy more light is being shared onto the planet you may be noticing more chaos and disruption through your news channels however this is like a washing out effect of the energy and the light is pouring forth exposing all that is not of light to be cleared away to be rising up and moved away moved aside so do not be influenced by this as it occurs do not be thinking that all your efforts are in vain,

The light patterns are strong around the earth as you are attuned re calibrated to your divine blueprint to your pure essence. We speak of you as individuals here all connecting to the divine spark and essence of your being which has its own specific energy sequence and structure and plan to it for you be open to receiving what ever comes your way through this

You are called collectively and individually to shine your light. you are called to step forward into the new pattern the new earth as you term it as it is referred to new vibration and ways of being aligned with the divine creation energy, universal energy, source energy, love energy- the blueprint for a new civilisation emerging

This is strong and clear do you see it? do you feel it? This is what you are creating. Your purpose for being present on this earth 

We leave you with this and embrace you with our love

Anar Speaking

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