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You are Light in Existence

Hello Beautiful Souls! I hope your enjoying the energies at this powerful time with the Lions Gate portal in full activation! I have a message and a beautiful reminder about the energy that we are connected to as well as the shifts happening around the planet now. Here is channeled message below

Dear One

We greet you and welcome you within this sphere within this space of connection and communication.

The energies are intensifying around the planet as many are focusing on the energy that is available. The collective field has grown in its energetic shift at this time allowing for an expansion. There is much hope and optimism within the current thought pattern, within the civilization at present as you are holding this energy for those that are waking up to the current situation within the civilization, being not of the correct pattern.

Many of these ones are indeed called to awaken to a higher pattern, allowing for multiple shifts to happen on multiple levels for the many levels of consciousness present within the earth sphere, always there is an expansion in the highest level in this regard creating more energy to be flowing into the planet at this time.

You will be sensing the newness of this energy and vibration sensing the flows of light which are increasing within the earth sphere, know that you are creating the shift with all that you do here. You are the ground team so to speak, with your other elements in the higher pattern helping and assisting you. Elements being the other elements of self the other aspects of you that are in existence within the multidimensional planes, there are those in particular closely associated with your earth pattern, with your earth sphere. You may understand these as past existences, past lives, past civilizations, past experiences these are however intrinsically tied within the earth within the consciousness field of the earth and are connected to your experience that you're having currently.

As you align and shift your third dimensional existence this does indeed create a pattern and vibration that extends throughout all your existences aligning all we would say in the higher vibration of light, allowing for the earth to be cleansed and shift into this new version of reality and experience it is all one.

We say this many times and this is a difficult concept to grasp with all that you have been taught in regards to what reality is what time is what experience is.

If you imagine yourself as what you know yourself to be in this life as a drop within the ocean of experience connected to all yet still having its own experience and identity. We say this to expand your thinking.

With this expanded thought we remind you that you are pure love in essence, in energy. Beyond all form and all existence you are light.

Your aspect is pure

It is this purity that we remind you of, to bring you into alignment with, without labels definitions and associations.

For you are energy experiencing existence to remember who you are as part of the process in accelerating the transformational shift.

We leave you with this divine light and thought.

Anñar speaking in alignment with your loving light team.

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