As the earth has increased in vibration, this has allowed for an increase in the energy that is available to certain individuals here who are ready to connect with patterns of energy  they are programmed to  connect with. 

This has been foreseen for moving into the lifetime as these connections of energy are pre determined before entering into an incarnation.  It is chosen by the individuals and the ones assisting for the connections that do take place.

 So there is a raising of the vibration which  has allowed for this particular energy to be coming closer into the earth sphere, for these particular beings to be able to connect now with certain individuals here to align with this energy vibration, to work with this energy in various ways in assisting others, in healing,  working with the planet, working with the life forms here or various other ways of energetically working that are pre determined by these ones as they continue on their life path and their purpose and work here in bringing the light and energy into the earth being. 

This is the same for all ones who are here incarnated to work in this way with the energies in the earth, the new earth as she shifts into this new vibration and energy field.  It is part of what you have been programmed for. 

And this is taking place now with many ones here as they are re connecting with these particular beings or aspects of their own self in another dimensional field.  It is all part of the re- uniting, remembering, connecting and strengthening of the energies within the soul self.  As this occurs there is a shift in understanding a shift in awareness a shift in vibrational energy of these ones who are connecting to their higher aspect.  

So we encourage this indeed for all ones who are wanting to progress in this way who are feeling the call to connect in this way with these ones who are extending themselves to you –  these beings of light coming forward now, these higher aspects of yourself.

The beings of the central sun are part of this connection, the scope of beings through the different dimensional fields, the different galactic families as you would know them by as star systems, is vast, many and varied. 

This is an exciting time for many of you to re awaken this knowledge within you. 

We thank you for listening to this message and acknowledge you all in light, in love in service,

Annar Speaking

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