Navigating our way through earths changes is not always easy but we have plenty of help from the higher dimensions and the beings of light with us. Reaching out to your guides to help you adjust to energy is always a good start. Here is a message I received from Annar,  one of my dimensional guides, on this topic. 

Dear One, 

You will be experiencing some physical sensations through your form, this is partly the energy adjustments taking place within you the energy adjustments taking place within many  people here throughout the earth sphere as the dimensions increase and change fluctuating, transitioning to the new levels of being that are being prepared for you all. 

You are preparing for a next levelling in the dimensional shift that is occurring .We speak of this as not so much a major event although many of you perceive it as such. we are speaking about this as a transition which is what you are experiencing within the energy as it is at this moment.  leading up to the great transitional shift which will be experienced differently by you all depending on the level of energy that is achieved at the time. 

 It is a process, as you are all experiencing on different levels. When there is enough acceleration there will be the transitioning, the great event as you would term it. We cannot give you a timeline of this however as there are so many variables that may occur and much is to be released from this earth sphere, your energy dimension,  the changing of the systems, of the structures,  of the density  and of the patterns of disturbance and patterns you would term as negative. All of this is fluctuating and changing. The many events playing out on the earth now are part of this transition, releasing clearing. 

We embrace you all in a field of light and love energy 

We embrace you in this light lifting you up above the patterns of chaos and disturbance 

remember to call on us for assistance I speak on behalf of the many beings of light assisting at this time

we are here for you

we acknowledge the work you are doing and salute you, 

Our blessing is with you 

Annar speaking 

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