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A call to Alignment - energy balancing

Hello beautiful souls! I received this message with Anñar on some of the disturbances that have been occurring, some have been feeling a sense of displacement, strange thought patterns and more. This message explains some of that and offers support and ways to clear, a call to alignment!

Dear one, we bring you closer within the communication space here where we do indeed greet you and connect with you.~ There are some who are feeling a sense of displacement a sense of disturbance in someway throughout the experiences they are having in the thought patterns we would say and indeed there has been some disturbance that has been occurring throughout the consciousness of many.

This has been orchestrated we would say by those who do not want the consciousness to be evolving, but we do not wish you to focus upon this.

We call you back into alignment back into the energy and essence of the pure self the pure energy of you all. As you align with this energy the disturbance is removed from you.

It is important to be aware of what you are noticing throughout the various channels of information that are presented to you. Does this align with the higher pattern? Does this align with how you would see the earth unfolding and transforming. Everything is energy and there are some energies you would not wish to be focusing upon for the effect this would have upon your consciousness, upon your energy, vibration and functionality.

Alongside this there are some changes you may have been noticing within time as time is experienced. As you focus your energy within the present moment and focus your intention on the alignment of your pure essence and energy you will find much of this is lessened in the experience

For time itself is changing, dissolving, not so relevant for the dimensions of light that are forming around this planet, as time is a concept that you use to measure experience here and is not relevant in the higher patterns of light.

It is not viewed and measured in the same way. So as your planet is evolving and changing and the frequency that you are experiencing, as you are shifting your frequencies and your experiences, you will notice these changes to time, that it is not as it once was in your experience.

Understand that this is a change in the frequency a step forward as it were to the higher vibrations of light for you.

We are surrounding and supporting you as you transition into the higher frequencies moment by moment, we are supporting you in all the ways that we can throughout your experiences as you are committed to this pathway of light. Your light teams are available for you for support as you transition through the changes that are occurring. Do remember to ask for assistance if needed.

We see you as powerful beings of light, however we understand that you do not see yourselves as such

There is a continual process of the structures reforming within and around the planetary sphere. This is an ongoing process, there are times when you will notice the effects of this, also subtle shifts and changes. If you are feeling out of alignment remember to tune into that source self to that source light within you.

We do acknowledge all you are doing here on the earth plane, this aspect of your existence that you know yourself to be,

You are valued

You are loved

Anñar speaking

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