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Hello starseeds and fellow lightworkers!

I received a message from Annar on energy alignment to source and re balancing the energy field . I want to share this with you as well as a technique to help clear and align your energy attached below. April has been intense for many of us and we sometimes need a little help to stay in the light.  Here is the following message I received.

Alignment of your energy is important, important for all ones at this time we would say to be embraced within the higher energy flow

to take a step back to be in alignment with the higher light energy as there has been some disruption to the fluctuation and fields around the earth plane as part of the process as the transformation continues.

Aligning yourself to the highest point of light and energy for yourself is the purest form of alignment for you aligning yourself with that specific ray of energy that you bring here because this in turn allows for the flow of information specifically designed for you to be received here, as you all have connections within the higher fields of light and pattern.

You all have these dimensional aspects of yourself that need to come into alignment with your earth form it is all one.

So we are speaking about this unification of self as in a dimensional flow of energy for you this empowers you to be stronger in your energy field.

Aligning yourself to the highest point of light for you is indeed aligning you to the higher christ consciousness pattern as it is termed in your language.

This requires you to take a step, a step back within yourself with this intention of purification of your energy.

There are many ways and techniques to do this you may also ask the ones guiding you to assist you in re connection to this energy. Understand you are not separate from source. You are not separate from this universal light energy. The connection needs to be maintained within you with intention and focused connection.

We embrace you within this field of light and energy.

We leave you with our love

Annar speaking

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