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In these times its so important to remain true to your vision, to stay focused in our light and trust that we will come through the other side. The changes on earth now are taking place as the transformation of our world as we know it is truly underway. Below is a message I'm sharing from Anñar, one of the beings of light from my light team.

We would say that the dimension is shifting and changing and transitions between frequencies, as such there are pockets and areas that are of a higher vibration than others this is part of the flux and flow as earth does shift into the higher frequencies.

There is a direct energy path that is seen for earth to align with, one that is in alignment with the current energies streaming through from the solar sun and from the higher vibrational energy fields to form around earth and allow for this structure overlaying the physical earth to exist. This has been strengthened and worked upon for many of your years as you would measure time.

The patterns of the crystalline energy dimension spaces and frequencies are able to be more accessed now for those of you attuned to this energy and vibration who are focused on maintaining this flow of energy coherence into their current form and life path.

This enables the energy to maintain itself raising the vibrations within the 3rd dimensional energy matrix also, so you may visualize this as a waving field of energy with ebbs and flows all the while having the stronger structure around it, beyond your physical perception for many of you.

We assure you that this is occurring it is occurring as you are here implementing it. Working in alignment with those of us who assist you. It is all one, shifting and merging.

we ask you to stay true to the vision of your new earth that you are forming, while there is chaos surrounding the other areas existing here on earth the higher pattern still exists, it is still with you.

Remain focused in the light

We are here with you

We surround you in our love and support

Annar speaking.

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