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I received a beautiful transmission from Annar one of my lovely light team for this Lions Gate to share with you, with love & blessings in this wonderful alignment of star energies.

Greetings to you 

As we bring you further into the energy and light pattern that is most suited to you at this time for your own evolvement.

 A space where we can deliver to you codes and energies specific for you at this time. 

We would say that in connection to those ones who are assisting you on the higher realms this allows for specific codes to be given at a specific time, which is necessary for an individual, you would understand, as the process of evolvement is different for each one. However we may bring you into this alignment where the energies are strengthened at this time for the deliverance of such codes and patterns of information for you. 

We draw you further within the portal of light you may see this as a sphere around you perhaps an opening or an entrance way.  

Allow this to visualize for you. 

As you feel the energy drawing you closer towards the light you may feel an energy shift within you. As we bring you into this divine space you will sense the energy streaming toward you this energy carries the codes and patterns necessary for you to assist you in your frequency, energy, in raising your vibration.

 It is given to you as a collective group and you may feel this individually specific for each of you. 

Feel these patterns pouring into your awareness as you are surrounded in light. 

You will feel the opening in your heart center as this is delivered to you.

It matters not if you are unable to visualize these symbols and patterns, as you are open to the energy and vibration, this will be working within you. 

Allow the realization that you are one with your star brothers and sisters

 that you are one with the divine source, this blueprint that you carry within you, very much a part of your essence and who you are .

We embrace you in love dear ones 

and bring you gently back 

in your awareness into your physical body once more and as you come back see that you are bringing with you all this divine energy and light

 feel it moving through your form.

Take a deep breath as you are grounded back upon the earth plane in the current time and space.

We thank you for sharing this energy with us

and we leave you with our love

Annar Speaking  

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