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I received this Archangel Michael message at night while meditating I have always felt a connection to this beautiful angel. He appeared just like this in a vision high above me in a big blue beam of light.

Dear ones

Dear children of the earth, I am here for you

I am here for those who need me

to be strong in there light

to be recognizing the power within, that pure spark of divinity within you.

You are stronger than you realize even if at times this may not seem so.

You are holding the light holding the space for earth as she transitions we celebrate you in this knowing.

If you could see the beauty of your light and the strength within it

You would never doubt or question the magnificence that you are

We are calling on you to acknowledge this light within you

to be this light

expanding and uplifting everyone around you

until you are surrounded in its brilliance

in the brilliance of this light

the pure essence of your being is divine

oneness source this is who you are

this is how we see you

remember this

you are loved

AA Michael

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