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Awareness expansion through 3D matrix

Hello lovely souls, I received a message on the energy expansion through October and how this is affecting the awareness and expansion of the 3D fields of consciousness.~ The messages have been on hold for a time while I recovered from flu but I am happy to share this recent transmission with you and look forward to bringing more light messages through here.

Dear one

we greet you within this energy space drawing you within the specific energy pattern necessary for you to uplift and re energize your system as it were, feel yourself drawn within this energy and space. As we are able to present to you new ideas in regards to the patterns of shifting energy around you and those patterns that indeed are coming into the awareness of many as there is an upcoming energy experience for many of you as you are drawn into this field of light and pattern. An opportunity as it were for expansion and growth, there is always much occurrence much energy shifting within those consciousness fields surrounding the earth. There are times when your energy becomes distracted when your awareness and energy becomes distracted from your point of focus your connection to the higher aspect and truth of your being.

We bring this to your attention as we wish to remind you as always that you are connected with the higher energy aspects and the purity of that energy which is you, your source light this power and presence within you that is able to be accessed by you that allows for the shifting and clearance and re connection for you. This is always available for you. So important to remember that this is possible and you have the ability to connect to this energy and presence that you are.

There is a great awareness in regards to the existence of other civilizations which is becoming known though your media channels through your scientific communities as the expanded awareness and the acceptance of these patterns of light which you are bringing through here, are moving into the greater consciousness field creating this expansion though indeed the awareness is not quite at the level of understanding as many of you within those certain media channels and areas of research, There is a step forward in the acknowledgement. you will be noticing this and there are many patterns and streams of information available it is always important for you to discern what is appropriate for you to make the choice of what to accept and what to ignore. Remember always to acknowledge and come from that higher aspect of knowing within you listen to this as your guide to follow what is right for you, what is true for you.

We embrace you within the expanded field of consciousness acknowledging this light that you are the being that you are know that you are loved and always supported.

Anñar speaking.

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