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© Karen Elsworth 2020

Below is a message I received from the Blue Avian beings that appeared to me in meditation space.

We salute you and we greet you coming from a plane and dimension of light energy and frequency we have been orchestrating and administering a patterning of coded information which is streamed into your atmosphere through the solar portal of light. We bring to your attention this frequency to encourage you to soak up these solar rays of energy to go outside and be within the suns rays you may absorb them in this way.

You may also absorb them consciously with intention if you are not exposed to the sun in this way in your position of placement upon the earth. You will still feel the energies and the benefits of of this, the solar rays and codes can be intense at times during the magnetic fluctuations that occur however allowing yourself to surrender and rest if needed and focus on absorbing the light in this time will assist you, There is much that occurs in your rest state.

Be aware that your earth sphere is surrounded in light, monitored and carefully orchestrated - the rays of energy and frequencies applied specific for the absorption within your energy structure. Be gentle and kind to yourself as you integrate these energies.

We surround you in the light of the one.

We salute you in the light of the one.

Blessings to you.

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