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Changing structures a call to alignment

A new message for you on the changes on earth explaining the shifting structures and what is occurring.

It has been a little while since the last message like many I have been seeing a lot of environmental changes weather and chaos about my location creating much chaos and destruction - feeling the need to go deep into the heart with compassion and align with the light to send light where needed.

I hope this message helps you in this time of great change, sharing with Love

Dear one, we greet you within this space of communication we say to you that indeed there has been an intensification of the energy brought through to earth there has been much occurring within the physical structure of the earth. Changes to your weather patterns changes to the earth surface itself, changes to within the earth being. This is a process that has been occurring which is affected by the changing structure affected by the level of consciousness within the civilization.

There is much being released we would say from your planet.

This is assisted where possible by those of us who are working in accordance to assist in minimizing those levels of destruction and what is seen as destruction.

It is difficult for many to understand the impact that the overall consciousness has on the earth as she is undergoing these changes. There are many levels and many layers to these events occurring each having an impact we would say, the level of consciousness being one of these. Earth naturally will shift and change as she is re arranging and preparing for newness releasing old structure pattern and energy. There is also the affect that has been amplified by the society and civilization as a whole this does also play a part in these events. We reassure you that although much of this seems apocalyptic we would say it is indeed part of the transformation.

Of course there is the amping up of the thought projection through your media channels which will be dramatizing these events to the extreme.

We do say to you to stay focused with your intention upon where you wish to place your energy. These events have been foretold for many years through your various communities and spiritual groups.

We would say that you do indeed have an effect on what is occurring. Your lightwork is important, your energy focus is important.

There is much occurring with the reality, your experience of reality and where your focus and intention is. These patterns need to align for you to be experiencing what you would choose to experience for you are able to bring these realities into being more and more as you are progressing and the energies of the light are strengthening increasing your ability to be choosing your experience.

We do encourage you with this.

We are surrounding your planet with harmonizing rays to assist the adjustments that are occurring and there are many many beings who are working in this way.

The energies through the central sun have been amplified for you to be absorbing and integrating allowing your patterns to shift

in alignment with the higher vibration

in alignment with the new earth forming

in alignment with the reality of that which you would be choosing to be stepping into. It is all around you.

The shift in frequency is required - an ongoing process for many of you, however we do say that it is able to be experienced. You may have glimpses of this, periods or pockets of time throughout your days where you are noticing the shift in reality structure vibration and energy, we reassure you that you are bringing this into being.

We are here for you always to call on our support you have access to the higher realms those galactic counterparts you know yourselves as are here for you to assist you in this process.

We surround you in light

we surround you in love

we surround you in the higher pattern

and the truth of your being

Annar Speaking.

As Annar was speaking I saw vast fleets around the earth doing this work, the galactic network of beings supporting us.

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