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Expansion Alignments & Dates

Hello beautiful souls! I hope your enjoying the beautiful and transformative energies that are coming in right now. I've received a message from Anñar about light codes and updates to share with you. This also explains a little how the star connections work and I've often seen the light points around peoples energy fields when the guides are connecting to them - like an energy map of light.

Also while there is an intensification of focus on planetary alignments and dates lately I do want to say that this is not to "dis" lions gate, which to me feels especially powerful this time!

Here is the message below.

I come to you from an energy space that contains the specific energy points that we show to you as a structure of light with specific points or nodes of energy that are interlinked allowing for the specific connections to take place. These are able to be assigned to particular individuals to allow for an opening an expansion and a connection through the energy to a specific stream or star pattern you may say an energy connection that is relevant to the soul to the spectrum of energy within the soul experience that is part of that collective of a soul part of there being we would say. This specific action takes place when an individual is ready to awaken to this knowing and to this purpose of connection and so the established points of connection are made where upon one may access specific energy upgrades specific codes to assist in the raising of the energetic vibration within the cellular structure of the body to assist in awakening the particular memory within the body and the cellular structure and the soul knowing therefore awakening the purpose.

This is able to be experienced at specific times in and individuals journey. it is not relevant to particular dates, planetary alignments, it is more a case of the energy of the recipient being available to receive this awakening and expansion.

In the case of specific planetary alignments where a collective consciousness may be focused on the energy of expansion this enables an acceleration to be taking place within the collective if those individuals indeed are aware and open and focused with their energy and intention. This is what occurs in these specific alignments.

The concept of time and dates are a third dimensional perception they do not exist in the higher fields we are aware however of the current collective consciousness and the thoughts and perceptions contained within it and those are utilized for the advantage of expanding the consciousness. We say this to allow you to understand that you may experience an awakening an expansion at any given time that you are ready upon the evolution of your souls own journey and this is not limited to a specific time and date.

We do acknowledge and celebrate the idea of expansion when it is recognized within the collective.

We acknowledge you each as individuals upon your own journey of discovery and expansion and all that you do to assist in the transformation

We are with you in support

you are loved

Anñar speaking

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