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Identity - the layers of Self connection

Sirian Light Being Midk- Thra

Hello Beautiful Souls, It's been a while since I received a transmission, Ive been given the space to complete projects, so this was a nice surprise. This being arrived in my awareness after asking some questions on the different aspects of self and star connections, and Annar came in towards the end with an Activation. Identity is very different to the guides and higher dimensional aspects of soul than the way we would perceive it. Enjoy the message - I will add the channelled version/s of this soon.

Dear One

I present myself not from a specific star or system to you as I am aware of the multitude of aspects and existences I have within my. conscious awareness at this time. In particuular from this specific energy I speak to you as being aware of all of this, it is a particular frame of consciousness and perception that allows for this knowledge, which for you would be an overload of information - you would be unable to function with this level of awareness within your current framework which is known as thrid density where you are consciously present, aware of your physical slef and at times other aspects of the self, however not simultaneously.

We bring this to your attention as it is often misunderstood the notion of where we are from as we choose to present ourselves through a particular aspect or energy stream however this is very different than being limited to a particular system, Star system as you know it.

We do not see ourselves as thus. There is the difference in perception it is important to clarify in order to remove the levels of identification which you have a tendancy to gravitate toward. This is important because we prefer to promote the idea of expansion expansion of the mind expansion of awareness expansion of perception. You are indeed multidimensional beings of this you are becoming aware, aware of the many parts of you existing in different localities throughout space and time. The more familiar you become with these concepts the more freeing it is for you, to be accelerating away from the constraints of physical space the limitations of the physical dimension. The limitations of what is possible and what is truth in regards to who you are beyond the known aspect of you in physicality. There are many levels and many layers of we would say shields or veils to assist the functioning of you within this dimensional framework. This is slowly being removed we would say, as you elevate your energy and frequency and evolution, expanding your realisations and awareness. In order to move away from all that holds one locked within the 3D construct there is the process of removing these veils and expanding the awareness.

This may sound strange to some ones however it is important for the shifting into the new reality. Much of this knowledge is already within you waiting to be realised to be remembered to be activated. There are certain codes and templates to be presented that allow for this to occur in your evolution as each of you are redy for this within your own time frame.

It is all relative to where you are upon this path of energy and evolution.

The energy and information is available to all ones however there are those who are choosing to move in a different direction who are not perhaps ready to accept the transformation at this time. Every individuals journey is sacred in the sense that it is the pathway of experience for the soul, not to be confused with right or wrong, light or dark.

Midk Thra - Sirian energy - being of light.

Anñar -

There is an energetic sequence we wish to bring to you, and energetic pattern of coding and light. We bring you within this energy, you may feel the energy increasing around you, you may sense the patterns being to appear moving towards you.

Allow yourself to feel this as we embrace you within this energetic space and sequence.

We create the pattern and light template placing this around you.

A golden structure of light, this pattern and structure assists you in your connection to the new earth energies that are available to you you will find this amplifiend as you connect with nature assisting you in re aligning with this new overlaying pattern surrounding the earth sphere.

These patterns also contain a protective shield to assist you in maintaining the energy the connection and the linkage to this dimensional space, you are part of this, connected as one within the divine energy.

Know that you are loved and clelbrated for all that you do here.

We leave you now to integrate this energy within you

Anñar speaking.

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