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Light Expansion

Hello lovely souls, I have a new message from Añnar to Share with you about the light expansion and our transition into the new reality!

Dear ones

The energy has been amplifying around the earth at this time.

There is much occurring in your physical space and environments not only on the lower levels but also on the higher levels of light where the activation's and the intensities of energies are pouring through to you there is much occurring within the structure of the light formations that are existing around you waiting for you to acknowledge these to experience these you may find yourself being pulled towards wanting to disengage to a point from your earthly experiences to feel the vibrations that are occurring and are here for you vibrations that will assist you and raise your energy frequency for these structures that are in place here within the framework of light dimension part of the new earth structure that is forming are able to be experienced and witnessed by you. As your focus within the light increases and is able to perceive these spaces and energies, this is a process which will depend upon your energy your frequency your focus and intentions.

We do often stress that your ability to remain in the higher pattern is paramount to your process your evolution to remain aware of your energy at all times. This is what you are working with and working towards to allow for this greater shift of consciousness within yourselves.

As you progress this intensifies and reaches a point where you are operating on a completely different frequency and energy and therefore are existing in a new experience - one that reflects your inner light. You will be aware of the vibrations that no longer are resonating with you. Understand that this is simply the awareness of energy and how much you have shifted within your frequency, having acceptance for those situations where others are not on your wavelength.

This will occur until you have reached a point of where the energies have solidified enough so to speak, for you to be experiencing your new reality. Many of you have already begun to experience this.

We surround you with our love and support. We rejoice as we see your energy increasing and the light expanding around you

Blessings be upon you

Anñar speaking

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