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Maintaining Alignment

Hello Beautiful Souls! I received a recent message about maintaining alignment and the many unfolding events portrayed through the media, a reminder to remember to stay focused to stay in the light.

Dear ones,There are many messages being brought forward regarding what is occurring around the earth plane what is occurring for your future.

None of this is relevant in the timeline that is aligned for the new earth pattern, for the new energies coming in and for the alignment of those who are interested in connecting to the higher aspect, the pure aspect of the light self which is all that is needed to bring about this reality. Anything else is a distraction pulling the focus away from what is important.

Much of the information pertaining to the 3rd dimensional physicality is for a different timeline we would say. It is projections based on a 3rd dimensional perspective and framework which includes that polarity consciousness and the element of light vs dark, conflict, a battle to be overcome perhaps. This pattern of thinking is not the pattern of unity consciousness which is necessary in order to raise the consciousness level and raise the vibration and frequency needed to create this new earth reality, it is all energy.

Let energy be your focus aligned with your inner knowing. For you came in with the ability to access these in order to succeed, we would say, in your evolution and in your purpose that is to assist in the transformation. Create this balanced harmony state within you and around your world, your existence, your sphere of existence so you are in your own universe we would say, where all is aligned with the divine pattern, where your conscious awareness is purposefully aligning - all within that divine pattern.

In particular if something is out of alignment in your outer world you may bring it within this divine pattern rather than create the idea of separation and duality. This is an important shift that is needed in order to create this energetic connection into this new earth energy here. Be aware that there are many who wish to continue to play out the experience of duality however you do not need to be a part of this consciousness in your thinking.

This is what the splitting of worlds refers to, it is a choice and your choices are always respected.

We Bless you with love dear one

As we connect you deeper into this energy and this energetic space

Anñar speaking.

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