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New Energy Adjustment

Hello beautiful souls! There has been much in the way of energy adjustments and as we are moving into the new year the energies of light are expanding I have been noticing how beautiful nature is and the energies I am feeling everything looks different and seems to have more presence. I am sharing a recent message with Anñar here - Blessings in light to you all!

Greetings dear ones

We draw you into this collective space this gathering space where we embrace you within the light and essence that you are assisting you in maintaining your energy field here

As we allow this energy to shift with this vibrational field of your soul essence and self within this collective of our gathering we are adjusting your energy field accordingly.

We say to you that there has indeed been a shift within the collective consciousness of you all many of you are feeling this on a frequency level and are witnessing also the changes around you those that also can be observed within your nature within the forms and structures of the earth.

This is because there has been a shift within the connection points for many of you here that is in the alignment of the higher consciousness energy field surrounding your planet. This has been strengthened, drawing you into connections establishing points of moving forward within your own particular purposes and plans here in alignment with the soul pattern for you as an individual and so you will be drawn forward in this way.

There has been a freeing up of the energy removing much of the distraction and disturbance that has been present previously enabling a clearer alignment. We would say it is important to remember this alignment and maintain your alignment allowing for the flows of expansion to continue.

so there is much to celebrate alongside this festive time of year for you all. We celebrate this shift within you and within the consciousness within the consciousness field surrounding earth.

We bless you in the divine energy pattern of light and oneness

Anñar speaking

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