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I have been feeling the need to withdraw a little and focus on the energy and alignment sensing the new energy and shift, this is occurring around the planet right now. So if you’re feeling the need to go within and re align just follow that feeling, it is required to strengthen your light. 

You might be receiving symbols and codes of light, colors, perhaps tones in the ear. Ive been experiencing all of this. The following message expands on this new energy – sharing with love

There has indeed been a shift occurring throughout the planet. An acceleration of energy and impulse brought through to ones here. Many have been receiving this energy and feeling the expansion, feeling this sense of lifting, changing. This energy is firmly in place to allow the intensification of the structures of light that are forming around the earth sphere, creating patterns and impulses for many to follow to take a change of pathway, a change of view, to allow for an expansion.

so while many of you may be feeling this energy and receiving impulses, patterns, streams of light and coding even, do not be concerned about what is occurring outside of this energy on the lower spectrum and that which is not in alignment with this energy and vibration.

I speak on behalf of the many ones here assisting lifting you up into vibrations of light giving you strength at this time for what is occurring, giving you strength to reinforce that knowing of the forming of the light patterns here, many of you have done this before this process of transformation may feel familiar. We ask you to trust in the process there will be much dismantling and changing around you.

Remain focused in the light, remain strong in your energy.

We are here for you in service and for all that you do here in service for this earth sphere as she changes and moves forward into a new spectrum of light and energy

We leave you with our love.

Anñar speaking


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