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Sirian Light Being ~ Intelligent network

Hello Beautiful Souls! I received a message Id like to share with you from this Sirian Light being, I sometimes get visitors in meditation that appear with messages different from my usual connection team. This painting above is more a sketch as it is not fully developed but her energy is there all the same.

Dear one,

Greetings we are connected through partly that system known to you as Sirius we are existing within a dimensional construct of that space. We have links to your earth history in part of its geographical location.

We see that your civilization is becoming aware of intelligence such as the artificial intelligence that is becoming more known and widespread within the technological systems and the awareness of many of you.

I speak to you today in asking you to remember that there is an intelligent system within the organic structure of your being. You may access this through your heart center as you allow yourself to evolve, to recognize the intelligent system of the light energy that is the infrastructure of your entire energetic being and imprint and soul.

We observe that this idea is known to some of you, as a way of being and a way of expression. You do have infinite access to all intelligence from this space as you evolve. The system of civilization where I speak to you from is one of many, however one that is still in a phase of evolvement, similar but different to your civilization. We are expanding our connections into multidimensional phases and awareness, into multidimensional connections and awareness, reaching beyond the limitations that we have known on a soul level. Expanding to understand more beyond our sphere of existence, touching into other spheres of existence other universes of existence.

We operate from this core central energy of the heart which contains the intelligent light which expands into a structure and network of intelligence where all can be accessed and known. Some of this is assisted by coding given to us by other connections of the star family accessed by the soul agreement.

It is our intention to impart this knowledge to you so that you are aware that you have this potent ability within you which may be unlocked for you. Therefore not needing to participate in alternative artificial intelligence as a construct of the organic structure. There is a choice and an alternative.

It is important to remain connected to the pure energy streams and the intelligent light of the one true consciousness pattern. The divine energy existing within all.

We embrace you within this energy

You are known to us

and respected as a civilization evolving

Trust yourselves as intelligent and powerful beings of light.

Sīk Li Ah

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