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© Karen Elsworth 2021 Sirian Light being

A message received through the Solar gateway Sirius portal alignment marking the opening of the Lions gate of 2021. This message was received through a beautiful connection to a Sirian being while in connection with my light team.

I was lifted within a pillar of light surrounded by tall light beings. As I rose higher and higher I stopped reaching an expanse of white light all around. I had the knowing sensation of being somewhere far within the universe, within the dimensions of light. A brilliant star appeared before me, I somehow knew and recognized this star and the light rays emitting from it, the energy was intense, I experienced a beautiful heart opening, and hope you may feel this blessing as you receive the message.

“Dear ones I come to embrace you within this light 

this solar gateway of energy 

allow yourself to open to the codes and patterns streaming from this space.

 Feel the energy enlivening your cells. You may sense yourself within a beautiful blue sphere of light. This light contains the essence needed for you at this time. You are lifted into a new phase a new frequency of light a new state of being.

This energy here is clearing all your patterns and pathways of disharmony allowing you to release what is no longer needed for you allowing yourself to be cleansed anew. So that you may absorb these energies of light.

Beginning to embody a divine concept of creation that was intended for you. A return to your blueprint patterning available to you through this solar connection can you feel the energy moving through you? Are you recalling patterns, images, codes of creation that are carried deep within your cells carried deep within the networks of light filtering through source creation, filtering through into every aspect of your being. We are speaking of multidimensional terms of you this energy is carried into the many timelines the many aspects of you bringing all into harmony uplifted within this light and purity. 

As you feel yourself expanded in this light dear one know that you are loved beyond measure know that you are loved that you are one with all creation.  Aligned in this beautiful light. 

We bring you gently back now to your body this physical aspect of yourself. As you reconnect with yourself know that you carry this spark of light within you 

A reminder of who you truly are

Take a deep breath and align yourself back with your reality 

We bless you and leave you with our love “

Atyan & A-e-la

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