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Spheres of light can be used to connect to higher consciousness. The beautiful beings of light shared this message with me about using our individual sphere of light to do just that. I also have a meditation you can listen to so you can experience this energy as it was received in the mp3 below. Here is the following message in text format I received from Anñar.

We have spoken much about spheres of light and there are many ways to use this energy as a tool for your connection as a tool for linking in to other spaces specific energy spaces that are beneficial for an individual upon their path of evolvement and awakening and connection to the different energies and aspects that are being presented from the multidimensional self. Parts that are needing to be integrated that are existing on a higher level that allow for expansion in an energy sense or allow for an expansion of ability that is available for you to use to assist others.

These parts of yourself can be accessed through these specific energy tools with your intention to be integrated to allow for new ways of working within the higher dimensional construct that is forming around your planetary sphere. We understand that much of this sounds technical perhaps beyond your thought perception perhaps however these other parts of you do exist and continue to exist as part of your multidimensional frame work, part of your soul in its entirety.These parts of your being are connected to you it is simply not perceived often within the 3rd dimensional awareness and perspective. We are able to share ways to connect with these energy spheres for you.

Bring yourself within a quiet space breathe in deeply allowing for the energy to be accessed through the heart center feel or visualize yourself within a sphere of light, allow this light to expand in its intensity. Do you feel yourself resonating with this energy space? it will be perceived in the particular way for you that is needed for you at this time.

As you open to the energy within this space we align you now with the central aspect that is part of your core essence the central pillar of light that connects you to your higher consciousness. Feel yourself within this pillar of light, rising gently, as you move upward into a space of purity and clarity

We embrace you within this space of light

This beautiful energy essence that you are

you may remain here for a time allowing yourself to absorb this light.

As you are ready gently bring yourself back down to your physical form taking a deep breath becoming fully conscious still surrounded in this energy and light

fully protected and grounded in the present moment and time, within the earth sphere

within your place upon the earth sphere

Open your eyes when you are ready

We thank you

and leave you with our love

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