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Transitioning through dimensional Change

Hello lovely souls! I am sharing a message on transitioning through the changes that have been occurring. There has been great changes that many of us have been feeling lately!

Dear one

We would say that the current situation within your physical form is indeed one of transition transition into accepting the higher frequencies of light and releasing all that remaining energy that has been absorbed from your environment from your entertainment channels from your thought patterns and processes and we are also speaking of levels of existences as part of your whole multidimensional nature that are also being cleared. So there is a massive shift occurring throughout your physical form, throughout your energetic form and throughout the many parts of you. This is indeed because there has been a shifting in frequency and vibration upon the earth planet in what has been brought through recently, things have been amplified so to speak. you are feeling the effects of this in many ways.

It does indeed explain the dreamlike feeling that you are experiencing and you are aware acutely of the energy patterns around you which are not in harmony with the higher frequencies which does also cause a little discomfort for you. This is a transition time for you do not be too concerned about the effects you are feeling some adjustment time is needed some care is needed for your physical self in particular that you are receiving as much rest as is needed as you are needed also to be taking in much fluid to the body to assist also in clearing the patterns of energy and residual effects from the body so what you take in is also important.

We understand the limitations that are placed upon you in regards to the foods that you are able to ingest at this time so be clear to use the energy to change the vibration of the energy of the foods as you take them in, you may benefit from increasing the mineral and vitamin supplements that you have if possible to stay away from the nonsense foods that are no good for you, to limit these as much as possible. If you are able to tune in and align with the energy each day this will be sufficient for you. It will assist you also to visually see all that is no longer needed for you to be dissolving and clearing away in the light we will work with you to assist you with this also, as we are already, I speak on behalf of the light teams assisting the earth beings at this time.

When you are consciously aware and increasing your intention this is always amplified for you in particular in the physical and the awareness which increases the harmonization for you so it is less of a bumpy ride so to speak

We speak now in relation to your queries on manifesting. You have been programmed to believe that you are in a position of limitation. This does need to be resolved for you to remember that you are more than this physical being here, that your energy is powerful when you consciously align to it and intend for things to happen here in this physical plane, it is with this combination that you bring about change. All will flow more easily when you have adjusted fully to the energies that are being brought forth at this time ….

this is a process for many ones and they will be experiencing these issues also some are finding it easier to adjust than others. It is important for the conscious self and the conscious mind to recognize and acknowledge the light self as being the true self of your existence. For this earthly pattern and self is a mere aspect in the dimension of time and space that you are experiencing. A tiny yet very important part in comparison to the whole self. It is this whole self we are asking you to acknowledge and the light and the power that you are, this will assist you greatly in all you are experiencing here, to tune into that inner self, the light within that does indeed connect you to all your dimensional selves, galactic counterparts, star family, those you refer to as your light team.

A great shift has occurred within the earth and you are experiencing this through your physical sensations through your perceptions through your inner knowing. You may be experiencing strange feelings perhaps of disorientation or dreamlike quality that you are experiencing through your day to day. Understand that this is all part of the process as you transition into this higher spectrum of light and frequency. Some adjustments are needed and occuring within your physical form so do be taking rest as needed and nurture yourselves acknowledging the body as a temple of light and honoring it as such. Be prepared to be seeing with new eyes of what is occurring around you.

We embrace you within the light beloved ones

and rejoice in the shift that is occurring

you are loved

each and every one of you

Annar Speaking

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