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Beautiful blue violet woodland fae print to add some whimsy and Faerie energy to your space, this image was recieved in my meditation she appeared floating into view with blue and gold energy shimmering around her. 

Blue violet woodland Faerie fine art print

  • Printed on fine art velvet matt paper. Fine art velvet matte is a softly textured 225gm weight paper with a soft velvet feel, allowing beautiful colour definition and detail.

    Our prints are gallery quality Giclee printed and using archival inks. prints come with a 2 inch border so if you order a 14 x 14 your print paper size will be 16 x 16.

    We use a small proffessional printing and framing business for our prints to ensure quality. Prints are available framed or unframed. For fine art prints we choose to use a proffessional art printing and framing business to ensure print quality is of a high standard.


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