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Beautiful blue violet woodland fae print to add some whimsy and Faerie energy to your space, this image was recieved in my meditation she appeared floating into view with blue and gold energy shimmering around her. 

Blue violet woodland Faerie Canvas Print 2

  • We offer a choice of  canvas options for you to choose from. SIlverada Metallic, and Lyve Matte canvas.


    • Silverada Metallic Canvas is a "silver metallic" fine art poly-cotton blend canvas. The metallic finish comes from an optimal blend of metallic, silver, and pearlescent coating applied to the surface of the base canvas. This allows for a metallic sheen to colours as well as a dynamic high range colour effect allowing colours to pop in ways other canvas cannot


    • Lyve matte canvas is an award winning canvas with a consistent poly-cotton blend matte using an acid-free, neutral pH coating. It is favoured by top photographers and artists for its colour range and ability to capture every nuance in an image. archival certification.    


    • All canvas options are  handstretched over wooden frames by a proffessional framing company to ensure quality.


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