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This was a powerful vision I received from my Native American guide,  with raven flying towards me.  This vision spoke to me with its own personal and sacred message, but if you are drawn to it it will have its own message for you. Raven is a powerful dream totem symbolizing change and transformation, a magical totem raven also brings things in the shaddow to light and travels easily throughout the realms.

Dream of Raven

SKU: 284215376135191
  • Printed on your choice of either enhanced matte, fine art velvet matt or Hanhemule eco bamboo paper. Enhanced matt is a flat matte paper 192gm that is more economical while retaining quality and gives a great printing result.  Fine art velvet matte is a softly textured 225gm weight paper with a soft velvet feel, allowing beautiful colour definition and detail. Hanhemule eco bamboo has a hemp base is naturally white and allows for brilliant colour and detail, this archival paper is slightly textured with a silky feel and a premuim matte surface. Both papers are gallery quality Giclee printed and using archival inks.


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