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Here is a message I received to help connect to the crystalline energy essence! Annar is one of the wonderful beings from my light team. There is also a recorded message below you can listen to to receive this energy directly. This message is particularly helpful for newly awakened lightworkers and or sensitive souls who have been affected by the energies around the planetary field and within the consciousness. If you listen to the channelled message, this can be a deep meditation experience so do allow yourself to relax and feel the energy behind the words in a space where you will not be disturbed and enjoy the meditation/connection.

Dear one,

indeed we are here for you whenever you are feeling the need to connect. We are here for you to assist you in maintaining your linkage it does however require some work on your part to maintain a level of clarity in that which you take part and participate in the choice is always yours however.We would urge you to clear your energy field whenever you feel things are intruding into your consciousness so to speak. Such as the thought interference which has been occurring at times for you. Indeed you are a sensitive soul here and that is required in certain terms for you to be able to have the ability to tune into the energies that you do. It is part of your energy,

You do have the power of the light with you to surround you and to draw into you to enable you to be stronger in your energy field it is available for you to call on, on demand we would say, Instantly, we would say.This needs some recognition on your part to acknowledge that you indeed have this within you, there is still some perhaps thought patterning,  conditioning put upon you to say that you are not who you really are.  There is this conditioning put upon ones here upon this earth sphere. This is not the truth of who you are as a being you are greater than that, greater than this physical form you see yourself as, the personality you see yourself as is simply one layer.We know that you know this on one level however the realization at times is missing we would say.The construct of the system that you live within is designed in such a way to distract ones from this truth and knowing. This is of course what you came in to change. Some of this conditioning comes from your media platforms and it is held in varying belief systems within the consciousness. There is also the overlying energy within the environmental sphere you are in and we speak of this on more of a nation wide level than simply your environment so there is much occurring.

You are able to rise above this however.

We understand there is time necessary for you to be spending on platforms and such for your creative work, that which you share as your purpose and we suggest you have specific times to do this so that you are spending more time engaging in the light frequency. Doing that which you enjoy, being aware of your energy, tuning in to what you might feel the urge to do, tuning into your intuitive energy. This all sounds simple and basic however the distractions have been great around you and around the planetary sphere in general. Remain open in the energy.

We are showing you diagrams in relation to the earth and the consciousness that measured and the grid networkfor there is a process occurring as these shifts and changes are taking place. The consciousness within the earth can be measured by the crystalline grid, it is what you are attuned to, and then there is the overlying energy field existing which you are attuning to. You will see a process of integration into this field as it draws nearer in a sense toward the earth. This is to give you a visual instruction or description of how this is occurringIt is occurring on an energy level you will see it is experienced by those who are attuned to this frequency and vibration whereas those who are not will not be witnessing this. Indeed the entire pattern of the earth sphere will be changed by this so remember the importance of being connected in this way.

We are surrounding you in a field of energy with this interlinking connection strengthening this within you. You may see the energy pattern beneath you, you may feel vibration within your feet draw this upwards through the body feel this merging within the heart center expanding around you in a field of crystalline light. This energy expands now all around you. You may see this extend upward into the higher crystalline energy fields of light that civilization existing where you may be existing also in your crystalline form and aspect. Feel the purity of this connection the light that you are the presence that you are.You may feel yourself greeted by your light team who are visiting you in this moment, or you may simply experience the energy be open to receive the particular messages here for you.As you are ready allow yourself to gently come back in your awareness back in to your body feeling that energy vibration still through your feet through your hands fully connected to the crystalline light energy essence take a deep breath feeling fully grounded back in the physical body in the presence of your room the space you are in the current time and space and open your eyes when you are ready.

Thank you for participating in this journey with me,

Annar – galactic federation of light

If you would like to experience the channelled energy of this crystalline connection you may listen to the recording below

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