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New Earth Energy Templates

Hello Beautiful Souls! I hope your enjoying the new year energies wherever you are its a wonderful time to check in where we are energetically and re align if needed to the light. I have a new message received from Anñar about new templates for the light body and earth, also a bit about the events occurring around the planet right now. ~ Enjoy!

Greetings beautiful souls, and we greet you as such as we see you as this, as brilliant sparks of light and we are often encouraging you to see yourselves as this also.

Once again in your time space there is in the physical dimension of time space the increasing polarization of energies occurring.

Do not be drawn into this outpouring of events that is occurring no matter how intense or fearful of dramatic these are appearing to be. Understand this is occurring as an opposition, if you will, to the light energies that are coming into the earth plane also understand that wherever there is the perceived destruction, chaos and events occurring there is always the opposite occurring also and a great outpouring and in pouring of light onto your sphere. Intensifying.

You are holding this energy in place, allowing this transition to be taking place, it is part of the process. It is important for you to acknowledge and send your light and compassion to these spaces and events that are occurring. There are many ones who will be standing up and opposing and taking a stand against what is occurring. It is important not to understand this battle as you would see it as a battle or a fight. Try to visualize everything being enfolded within the light and the love that you are holding for the earth plane.

It is important for you to remain strong in your heart remain strong in your essence and your energy.

More light is needed for the transformation to occur, and while we say this we also say that there is an intensification process as this is a part of the unfolding of the energies playing out, and there is chaos there is destruction as the new earth is unfolding and shifting. Understand these as patterns playing out here. While we do not wish to simplify or downplay what is occurring we are simply asking you to remain in your light and do not be drawn into the horrors of what is presented. As a civilization you are learning what you will and will not tolerate. For those of you aligned to the light there will come a time when war is no longer in your reality, no longer a part of your reality.

We speak now on the changes occurring around and within the structure of the new earth energy itself. The physical forms upon the earth are holding more light more energy more information which is able to be accessed by those of you who are connecting to the natural elements of the earth. You are able to connect and draw much from these elements that will assist you and enhance your vibration and well being, This is a pattern that was once the way for life on earth as the civilization that you knew and understood as Lemuria and evolved civilizations that have occurred on your earth, within the biosphere, within the energetic structure of the natural forms within the earth plane and the elemental kingdom, as all is connected and all life supports each other in this pattern.

So if you are feeling the urge to connect with nature then this is what is calling you If you are sensing from these natural forms then that is what is calling you. Allow yourself to be infused with whatever you are needing. The structure allows for the pattern to be firmly established within the natural spaces within the earth for the higher frequencies to be anchored and you are assisting in this process by participating in this energetic exchange.

There are those that have a deeper connection to the elemental kingdom who may feel a sense of stronger communication occurring this is all part of the process of your relationship to the earth and her new structure of light.

When we speak of new structures we are referring to the new pattern or divine pattern and this holds a template which is also a structure or template available for the human form as you also are an organic form upon the earth, part of the biological systems we would say and part of this great web and network of light. The energy template can be seen around you as a pattern of light, points of light that connect around you to form this structure.

There is a deeper connection awaiting many of you who are new to the light space of your energy and essence who are awakening to the energetic frequencies here on the planet. Know that you are connected within this beautiful energetic light space, the creation of the new earth unfolding all around you,

This is where your focus needs to be

Be blessed in this divine frequency

Anñar speaking

~ toward the end of this message I saw light around my body's energy field and heard that its the new template of light. It appeared as a web of golden light with lots of little dots connecting, reminding me of star mapping, and was told I am quite likely perceiving it this way because the light pattern for the body is like a mapping for the body connecting the new structures and energy in to the energetic field of light.

with love ~ Karen

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