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Dimensional Spaces

Hello Beautiful Souls! I have a new message for you speaking about dimensional spaces how we can access them more easily now and all the changes and energy shifts going on as well.

I hope that you are staying in the light with all the distractions and so much going on in the world, times of transformation and change are truly upon us and we are needing to stay centered in our light. Here is the message below

Dear ones There is a continual process of adjustment between the dimensions of where you exist and the construct and pattern around you that is also a living network of energy which is becoming aligned and we would say moving into crystallization for you to be witnessing and experiencing in your journey forward into energy into experiencing more of the energies around you.

There may be a crossing over at times of the awareness of these places of these frequencies, we would say energetic spaces. And so we speak of the energetic spaces as those you are able to access within your conscious awareness, as a soul you have the intelligent stream of energy containing much of the dimensional spaces available for you, an intelligent network where you are able to access particular experiences that resonate with you. Areas of existence occurring in the higher dimensional planes, perhaps important for a particular understanding of where you are now in your current physical space perhaps energy to bring within this space to use for healing or other purposes.

As a being existing within the third dimensional framework one has often become accustomed to the particular laws, energetics and structure that are working within the third dimensional framework. There is a pattern that is created that allows for existence to operate within this particular structure and all is aligned into this pattern. For there to be a shift in consciousness the pattern is needed to be expanded upon, which is why you are here and so the higher energies are pouring in allowing this transformation to occur and in this process you will be drawn into the awareness of your other existences beyond this plane of density. Awakening to parts of your soul that are familiar to you and your experience of working with other ones on these other dimensional existences also.

This is important for the soul to remember to understand more of the wholeness of you as a multidimensional being of light, to be shifting your awareness and perception into being open - to what is more of a normal awareness and perception of a being of light that is existing within the higher frequencies.

We have access to the multi dimensional stream of experience and awareness of this. We are not closed off from this awareness and these experiences and may shift at any time into the experience at will, that we may wish to move into. So all of this may seem very foreign to some of you, this is as a being of light what you are capable of. It is what you are becoming, it is what you are moving into - as a being of light.

As we are speaking you may perceive the many patterns appearing as grids in these particular spaces which again are networks of intelligent life support necessary for the existence of life aligning all to be in harmony within a sphere of existence we would say much as in the earth plane although there is conflicting energies here also within the polarity pattern which is also part of the construct. Each particular construct and space is able to be expanded able to evolve into higher dimensions of light and frequency and there are civilizations that are engaged in this process as well as your own.

Some mind expanding concepts for some of you.

What is important is to remember is your energy and your frequency and maintaining the awareness of your light. For the process is a simple one. To be in a space of love a space of joy a space of happiness and excitement for your experience.

Remember to observe your energy to observe your experience …to see others as souls experiencing and learning.

Do not be concerned about what is played out around you what is occurring through your media channels through your news channels and through the general situations within your civilization as much is being played out here and will continue to be played out here as you are transcending and transforming into the light patterns and the energies of light that you are choosing, the experiences that you are choosing. Stay firm in that choice.

You are always able to re-balance yourself within the light, to withdraw and recharge your energy when needed and this is important for you especially at this time.

There is much energy being emitted through your solar sun through the solar portal so allow yourself time to rest integrate and listen to what your body is asking for. Remember to stay grounded.

We celebrate that you are expanding into these new frequencies of light, that many of you will be connecting to your star family and light team, embracing and understanding more of who you are, a multidimensional being of light.

You are loved

our support is always with you

Anñar speaking.

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