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New Light Patterns

Hello beautiful souls! There has been another shift in the energy and new patterns of light to be experienced and integrated. Ive added the channeled message below. I do hope you are feeling uplifted in the new energies that have come forward, there is a lot of intense energy about so its important to stay aligned in the light!

Dear one

We greet you within this energetic space. A space where we align you with the patterns of energy that are relevant for you at this time. There has been much occurring within the energetic framework surrounding your earth sphere, this is ongoing. A continual process of energies evolving.

The patterns of adjustment within the earth itself have been increased allowing a greater flow of expansion to be experienced by you as you align with these energies allowing for an opening to the higher patterns of light and existence that are present although not visible to many these patterns are able to be witnessed at times by you as you align your energy and vibration to the highest point of your connection to source, to the higher vibrations of light, you do this by accessing the energy within, with the intention of aligning to that pure aspect of you.

There are many patterns that present themselves within the earth existence as you will be aware. There is always a choice to align to the pattern and align the focus and intention of energy where you will.

The higher spectrum's of light are available to you.

As you open to these energies you may experience or witness glimpses of your experience within other spaces. These may come in a variety of forms and ways to you, to interpret as part of the pattern of your soul, of your beingness , as you do exist in multiple dimensions of light, energy, time and space.

While this is occurring we would say to you to remember that your focus is here upon this planet of existence you are dwelling in, your physical aspect, and to bring this light awareness more fully into your conscious awareness. This allows for this

pattern and vibrational frequency to be more fully anchored thus creating more change increasing the frequency for that you would know as the dimensional shift you are all aspiring to.

You already exist within the higher vibrations of light. By expanding your awareness of this, this in itself allows for a shift to occur within your own energy frequency state here in the physical. This is part of the process in aligning to the new patterns here and what you refer to as the new earth. Your earth holds awareness of multiple timelines, multiple existences, some within the higher vibrations of light also at this time. These are kept in place as part of the process of the ascension pathway that earth understands, to hold these patterns and existences allowing for the transformational experience to occur, as all of these patterns are shifting and evolving moving toward the higher pattern of consciousness. You are a part of this process so remember to honor yourselves and your beautiful earth planet as you are shifting into these higher frequencies.

We assure you that this process is well established on its pathway. You will be witnessing much in the way of dissolving patterns structures breaking down this is all part of the process as you move into a new existence and experience of light and dimension.

We honor you in this process and all that you do here.

Remember to ask for assistance if needed

Remember that you are loved.

Anñar speaking.

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