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Support & alignment ~ solar magnetic energies~ upgrades

Hello Beautiful Souls! It is wonderful to be sharing another message with you! Has anyone been experiencing tiredness, insomnia, headaches or physical effects on the body? I certainly have, a lot of solar energy and activity has been occurring through our sun, and Anñar's latest message does explain some of this and how to clear it.

We would perhaps speak of the energy coming into the earth plane.

There has been some adjustment needed for the patterns of energetic connection within the earth plane, within the consciousness field of the many ones here who are purposefully tuning in.

This indeed has been brought about by much of the energy that has been flowing through your solar support, that known as the sun, which is and has been receiving energy from the central sun that has been moving and flowing to the earth plane. There has been some magnetic energy occurring along with much of what is delivered through as the codes and patterns and blue prints for the new earth unfolding and the alignment pattern for you all.

Many of you have been perceiving this and interpreting these and sharing these. It is important to remember if you feel any disturbance in the physical form to consciously re align your energy to the divine light pattern, you may focus your energy and intention on what is coming through from the solar rays that are beaming onto your planet at this time these are being adjusted and worked on whenever there is intense energy that is amplified through your sun. Understand that these energetics have much influence over the light body, over the energetic planes surrounding the earth as well as the physical body. That is, an energetic body that is connecting to the higher patterns of light, as this is all interconnected in a great web of energy.

And we indeed do use the energies flowing through your sun to allow for the absorption of the cellular patterns and the upgrades that are needed for you to be experiencing the energetic shift that you will be requiring. All is being ramped up a notch we would say.

The energetic fields surrounding the earth plane, and the dimensions, as you would refer to these containing the essence and patterns of the new earth unfolding, are being adjusted continuously to be aligned in the correct way for you to be experiencing this merging, we would say, which is a process that occurs over a period of your time span - in your understanding of this and perception of this.

Aligning to be in the flow of forward movement and evolution for you as there comes a point where you are stepping into this space. We cannot give time frames for this as this is constantly fluctuating depending on the levels of consciousness and awareness and much is different for each of you.

You will know and recognize when patterns have shifted for you and you are experiencing a different reality.

The process does happen in stages.

The process may be amplified when there are many ones who are holding this vibration and energy allowing for a greater expansion for other ones to experience also.

The process of the shift, and a little information for you on this.

We ask that you trust in the process

Although you may see patterns of disturbance around you in the outside world do know that you are also experiencing patterns of oneness within your energetic vibration and those moments that are visibly showing you that you are in alignment.

Be strong in your energy and your light

You are creating the new earth and we celebrate in your presence and your knowing that this is occurring.

We see you as light

And we celebrate your awakening

Each and every one of you

Know that you are loved

Anñar speaking.

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