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Hello Beautiful Souls! I have another message from Anñar for you, offering support and assistance. These times are intense on our planet and its good to remember the help is there. All of us have a light team who are able to help with your individual energy connection and assist you in the many ways you may be bringing your energy to earth. In connecting to the pure universal light energy this can happen naturally and is the first step in connecting to these ones. Here is the message below

“There are many ones indeed a collection of beings gathered around the earth space with the intention of assisting those who require assistance in maintaining their energy their linkage and connection to the pure energy structure and system that is in support of the earth plane at present.

There has been at times a large interference with the intention of distracting those ones from their pure connection into the light stream, the streams of energy available to you all.

It is important for you to know that the support is there should you require it when you are feeling out of balance, out of connection, and needing to re establish the correct system within you in alignment to source energy, in alignment with the new patterns unfolding.

This is taking place.

There is much occurring beyond the visible spectrum that is apparent on this earth plane. There are times when you will witness the correct pattern as you are connecting deeply with the earth within nature perhaps looking at the skies or the earth elements around you and you will notice the structure that has changed you will feel it and sense it, recognizing this with the upliftment of the knowing that this is occurring.

We encourage you often to connect with the higher energies of light to not only empower yourselves and assist yourselves in maintaining your energy and light but also to anchor this frequency here.

Your energy field expands far greater than you would perhaps imagine around you and there fore affects much around you and is able to create change.

As we speak there are multiple patterns of light forming around the earth structure the elements being strengthened

the pattern being enhanced

your connection being enhanced.

Assisting in the re balancing, in alignment with the earth being.

It is important to often check in to the earth being herself as there are many changes occurring throughout the various structures of light, forming within and around the earth and the overlaying patterns of light, embracing all of this as it is occurring.

So again we remind you of your presence, of your light, and acknowledge each and every one of you.

Know that you are loved

Anñar speaking”

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