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Time Spaces & Alignments

Hello Beautiful Souls I received a visit with this beautiful being and have another message for you! He speaks about time spaces we are connected to and may explain why some of us feel so called to these magnificent beings. This artwork is to be featured in the Oracle deck for the Lion Beings Connection - it was lovely to connect with this being again/ I will be sharing a different message with the oracle more focused on connection to this energy.

Dear One

I greet you from this energetic time space we refer to the time space as a structure, a system, a space that aligns with the templates for the new earth frequency and which also aligns with the templates of the Sirian energy and pattern that is within the earth history, within the earth period you would view as history, which is in fact a time space. The time spaces can be accessed if appropriate for the purposes of healing and aligning into the new pattern, of cellular awakening of the DNA and the restructure of the DNA as all is contained in the experience within this, this is acknowledged when upgrades occur.

So we come to you from this time space in acknowledgement of your time experience in the now and all that you are moving into. We adjust the patterns within you that need adjustment for those who are seeking to harmonize and unify these cellular experiences. Some of you have linkages to our energies, to us as a race, as a group of beings, you may also refer to us as an energy system as we are evolving our energy collectively in alongside with the evolving universe and its many forms.

We have been closely associated with your earth planet so many of you are feeling the connection to us and our presence and may experience interactions with us as we connect with you for these purposes for there is much to be aligned in the evolving earth consciousness and all that has occurred here and is still occurring.

We would say that the trajectory has indeed accelerated into the plans and template for the new earth the new evolution and civilization for those of you choosing it. We do indeed celebrate this time that you mark in your calendar in your time experience, for the acknowledgement of these energies and our presence. We would say this aligns and is inclusive of all Sirian energies in respect to your understanding of what this portal is.

We view it as a collective awakening an opportunity to expand the frequencies within you all as well as the re calibration of the time records within the earth sphere

We celebrate your expanded awareness in alignment with the true pattern, in acknowledgement for all life.

We embrace you with our energy and rejoice in your evolution of consciousness.


This energy being felt very strong and expansive, a masculine yet loving energy. I sensed his energy being more energy than physical, yet also felt at least 10 feet tall! I had a lovely visual experience Id like to share with you

I was looking from space at the earth below and I was between earth and what I saw as their collective as an energy but also with form sensing civilization and temples and structure although I wouldn't know how to explain the structure, it felt like a system and very evolved, still evolving one with ritual being important. I saw the time spaces as segments in the collective field, I saw the Egyptian period and also more others beyond that, patterns of light and coding like templates stored around and within earth also stacked in space like sheets of information! Also that the other beings (light teams) use this time to expand our energy

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