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Time & Time Space

Hello Beautiful Souls! I hope your all enjoying the energies during this full moon, lots to integrate! Lots of insomnia for me!! I had an interesting channeling with Anñar on time and time space and the more I learn the more I realize how little we know about it. Its true that we created this understanding we know as time to allow us to function in a structure of linear thinking. However it keeps us in a narrow pattern of reality and doesn't recognize the power and potential of our true existence as beings of light.

Here is the message below I hope it hope it sheds some light on any thoughts or ideas you may have had re time and dimensions

Indeed we will speak on certain matters certain questions that you have in particular with that of dimension space. We would say that physical space in terms of area is not needed for a dimension to exist, a dimension exists beyond time and space. We understand this is a difficult concept to accept.

In terms of inner earth there were some spaces that were indeed occupied by civilizations prior you would say to your time, however as time does not exist these spaces exist in a location in time space, in an existence. This is what is referred to by these particular dimensional spaces where information is relayed to your time space now, in a sense it is all one, however there are frequency vibrations that apply to specific time spaces, this is the easiest way to explain these. Much like the experiences of a soul in what is referred to as another time period such as a past life, a past incarnation and yet there is no past so this is all in a sense simultaneous it is just that you are experiencing one aspect of your experience, this current earth experience that you are experiencing now is this particular segment.

You could say that time exists as a series of experiences interlocked together within a planetary sphere such as the earth. These particular experiences may be viewed and observed, accessed even by you or other ones who are assisting you for the purposes of healing, for the purposes of understanding more of your purpose here, as these tend to evolve over time and yet may still relate to each other in each of your existences. So time in a sense does exist yet is not linear, more circular multi layered, multidimensional.

There are of course dimensions beyond time out of time, out of your current experience and knowledge of time. As you can imagine the experiences are vast for planets such as your own.

There are kingdoms of consciousness that are relative to specific areas within the earth. There is the crystal consciousness and there are beings in connection to that consciousness, just as there are beings in connection to the experiences of a soul in the various time pockets of experience that have occurred upon your earth plane throughout the many civilizations that have occurred. Even as we speak we refer to past tense in a sense because this is how you interpret reality so certain messages are more understood in this way.

Because the Lemurian and Atlantean consciousness reached a high level of consciousness this is referred to as a consciousness that is able to return to your present civilization, you will hear that the Lemurian consciousness is returning. This is in a different form however to what was, as the evolvement will be one of its own, yet similar. It is already forming already existing so that when you are ready in that vibrational state and frequency you will be moving into this frequency and reality construct of reality, aligning with that frequency and vibration.

Because there is the duality the polarity in the consciousness and it is not yet a unified consciousness this creates the disturbances also in a sense as these patterns of higher consciousness begin to take form and shift there is the play of energies occurring within the collective field so part of the transformation is the dissolving and breaking down of the systems in place.

Within all that is occurring on your earth we encourage you to view your time and experience through the lens of the higher perspective knowing that you have the power within you to create your experience and to experience fully from your heart and the light within this is what empowers you to bring light into yourself and into the planet, creating the best outcome for you in your experience whatever you choose that to be.

You are supported in all of this

We bless you and leave you with our love

Anñar Speaking

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