Extradimensional Art

Starseed Connections, Connect to your Star Family

Extradimensional Art

Starseed Connections, Connect to your Star Family

Extradimensional Art

Starseed Connections, Connect to your Star Famuly



Guide Paintings

Beautiful channelled paintings of your guide a multi dimensional self aspect here to help you at this time. The paintings can be sent as a digital file or print on fine art paper. Channelled messages with energy connection to your guide are included.



Channelled meditations to assist with your energy, downloads and activations.


Starseed Connection

A channelled message with information from your star family and energy to help you connect with them. The messages are individual and specific to you focused on your energy and connection and your path.



Information and guidence from the beings of light you can recieve them free from the podcast or subscribe to recieve them in your email. 


Guide Sketch

Similar to a guide painting this is a less detailed sketch which still contains the energy and presence of your guide.  


Prints available in a variety of sizes and formats great for any meditation space.

Meet your Star family

connect to your soul

Meet your Star Family

Raise your Frequency

Connecting to your dimensional aspects and guides can help you balance your energy, align to your pure soul essence energy and your purpose here on earth.

We are all connected through the universal light energy I use this energy to tune into your energy field working with my guides to establish the link and connection, together we work with your guides bringing through information that is relevant and helpful for your connection, and where you are on your journey.

The connection can assist you with energy alignment and learning information specific to you, your energy, and your pathway. This helps raise your vibration and connects you further with the light energy strengthening your connection to your guides.


Your dimensional guides or star family want to connect with you and help you


you can certainly build a connection and relationship with these beautiful beings of light if you desire. It all starts with connecting to the energy around you and connecting to the ones who are here for you.


Elevate your walls

Paintings & Prints

Visionary Paintings

My visionary paintings are a collection of images I have seen in my journey through meditations, discoveries and encounters in the higher dimensional planes.

Some of these are other lives or experiences and in so they are a living capture of time. Some paintings contain messages in visual format these can be interpreted on many levels while some are more distinct in relation to the changes upon the earth, the transformation and evolution of consciousness.

The realms and dimensions of light are vast and through my work I hope to  show a glimpse into these other worldly experiences and dimensional spaces.

I have found that other people feel a connection to the paintings on a soul level and some feel they know the beings I have portrayed or feel the connection to an experience or realm they have encountered. 

This is possible as we are existing on many dimensions

which are beyond what we would normally see in our physical world, beyond time and space. Time is but a limited view point used to measure our physical experience,  we are greater than that and extend beyond our earthly limitations. 

The realms and dimensions of light are vast and through my work I hope to  show a glimpse into these other worldly experiences and dimensional spaces.

I have many visions yet to paint and am hoping to release a book of them in the future.

Comming soon

Oracle Cards

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What Others Say

“A huge thank you to my dear soul sister Karen Elsworth at Extradimensional Art who so lovingly channelled my galactic elemental guide. I work with him so closely and I love how you have cpatured him, his energy and the symbols I see.

Karen also sent a channelled clip with a message directly from him unlocking further downloads for me.”

– Nicolette long @Crystal Soul


Annar Meditation~ Transmission Lions Gate 2021

Annar Meditation~ Transmission Lions Gate 2021

I received a beautiful transmission from my lovely light team to share with you, with love & blessings in this wonderful alignment of star energies. Greetings to you  As we bring you further into the energy and light pattern that is most suited to you at this...

Solar Gateway Energy Transmission

Solar Gateway Energy Transmission

A transmission received in meditation when I wasn't quite expecting it! Im including this as my first podcast on this blog so welcome if you are new here! I met a beautiful Sirian being as shown who joined with my guide to bring a stream of energy through the solar...

New Energy Alignment Shift

New Energy Alignment Shift

I have been feeling the need to withdraw a little and focus on the energy and alignment sensing the new energy and shift, this is occurring around the planet right now. So if you're feeling the need to go within and re align just follow that feeling, it is required to...

Crystalline Activation

Crystalline Activation

The crystalline network grid is continuously being activated with galactic energy from our star friends in the cosmos,  and with the downloads and healing energies of the lightworkers and starseeds working with the earth. Alignment to this energy field can assist...

Connect to crystalline energy essence

Connect to crystalline energy essence

I received a message with an energy connection to the crystalline energy essence from my light team. This is particularly helpful for newly awakened lightworkers and or sensitive souls who have been affected by the energies around the planetary field and within the consciousness. I have also recorded this so you may listen to the channelled message as an mp3. This can be a deep meditation experience so do allow yourself to relax and feel the energy behind the words in a space where you will not be disturbed and enjoy the meditation/connection.

You are a beautiful being of light

connect to your soul

Contact Us

You are welcome to contact me with any questions you may have about the paintings or my work.

If you are enquiring about commission work for book covers or other projects please check out my policies page, 

Thank you 

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