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About me

Karen is a visionary artist inspired by her inner journeys into light & higher consciousness and with a desire to share her experiences with the world. After a deep awakening process in 1995 she began connecting to a group of inter-dimensional light beings who began to guide her work. They assist me in my connection to these other dimensions and help with connecting other people to their star connections.

It has always been my passion to create art  over the years I have been a lifetime student exploring ways to express my soul I am particularly interested in the idea of the vessel of the body being a bridge for higher consciousness a theme that plays out in much of my work.

  There is a longing to uncover and reveal that which is unknown to the physical aspect of our awareness our known reality for as I delve deeper into these other states of being I find more of my true self the connection of wholeness or oneness. It is my desire to help others connect to this aspect through my art and the different services I offer. 

I am available to paint your guide and to tune in to your energy connection to the ones who are here to help you on your pathway. An energy connection is established and strengthened with information and techniques to help you connect further.





©Karen Elsworth 2019